Website renewal for Destia

A website renewal project for Destia, delivered during my time at Frantic in 2021–2022. This project was a comprehensive website renewal, including a completely new design, site map, user flows and a migration to WordPress.

Destia is a big company with numerous, diverse areas of business. New site had to service all of these different sectors within Destia. Additionally, the site had to service potential new employees and students. We faced these challenges head on with a definition sprint, during which involved not only designers, but key stakeholders. During the definition sprint I both participated and facilitated workshops and planning sessions. We worked in close collaboration with the client, resulting in a shared vision once we started agile development phase of the project.

On the project I acted as the UI designer, but during development sprints I also took point when it came to information architecture. I designed some big areas of the site, such as the main navigation, the newsroom, the references collection and the recruitment page.

The visual identity of the site was based on Destia’s existing brand, but with some minor tweaks. I expanded the colour palette and re-designed the typographic scale to ensure site’s usability without sacrificing brand recognisability.