A website renewal project for Destia, made at Frantic in 2021–2022.  This project was a comprehensive website renewal, that included completely new design, site map, user flows and migration to WordPress. 

What posed the biggest challenge was the sheer amount of information the site holds. Destia is a big company with many different & diverse areas of business, yet the site had to service all of these sectors within Destia. In addition, the site had to service potential new employees and students. These challenges were faced head on during the definition phase by involving and hearing out different actors within the client’s organisation. During the whole process we worked in very close collaboration with the client’s project team, and as a result we shared the same vision of the desired end result from the very start of the project.

My responsibilities included obviously visual UI design, but I was part of the definition phase as well, participating and facilitating workshops with the client. During the development sprints I also designed the navigation used at the site and other functionalities, such as how the Newsroom, References and Recruitment pages behave.

The visual identity of the site is based on Destia’s existing visual identity, but with some minor tweaks. For an example, the colour palette was expanded and the typographic scale was re-designed to ensure the site’s usability without sacrificing the brand recognisability.

The end result is a modern website; you can visit here ➹.