Pride 2020

To celebrate Pride in the time of Covid-19 pandemic, I created an 8-part series of illustrations. My inspiration was the original Rainbow Flag designed by Gilbert Baker back in 1979. While the modern, popular version of the flag only has six colours, Baker’s original design consisted of eight colours. Those colours include the now missing pink, turquoise and indigo. Every one of the original eight colours had a distinctive meaning assigned to them by Baker.

Creating eight illustrations that were interesting enough to stand alone, but still coherent as a series was challenging but very satisfying. I did end up with having to re-draw some of the pieces, but I’m very happy with the final outcome.

The illustrations were created between the June and December of 2020. My tools included Wacom Cintiq -tablet and Adobe Photoshop with its various versions.

In 2021 I used these illustrations to create a little postcard set for Pride month. 🌈