Sebastian Sotavalta
Living and working in Helsinki, Finland


Bachelor of Culture and Arts (Graphic Design), 2020
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Pekka Halonen Academy of Arts, 2015
Baltic Film and Media School, 2013
Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts, 2019

Work experience

Visiting Lecturer, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, 2020
Graphic Designer & Developer, Melon Arbus Productions, 2019–2020
Graphic Designer & Developer, Valovirta Design, 2017–2020
Trainee (Illustrator & Designer), _Nurmijärvi Youth Services__, 2015–2016
Editorial Assistant, Nurmijärven Uutiset, 2008

Additionally, as a freelancer I've created illustrations for individual clients and magazines (Koululainen, Suosikki, Nyt-magazine). I also do freelance web development & design work for independent clients.

Zines and other publications

The Unbearable Inaccessibility of Accessibility, thesis, 2020
In my thesis work I examine cognitive accessbility in the context of web design. When writing my thesis my aim was to declare clear, technology agnostic guidelines that visual designers can use to design accessible websites. The thesis is only available in Finnish.

Not yet seen, comic zine, 2020
Väinö Harha, comic zine, 2018
This Too Shall Pass, comic zine, 2018
CMD+L, illustration anthology, 2018
Sebustus, online comic, 2017–2018
SEBPUN, comic zine, 2017
Abandoned, comic zine, 2017

Public art

Marjatta powerbox, Käpylä, Helsinki, 2020–2021
Järvellä ("By the Lake") mural, Sääksi beach café (Nurmijärvi, Finland), 2016

Group exhibitions

Zineton 2020 gala, Alakulttuurikeskus Loukko, Helsinki, 2020
Powerboxes of Käpylä, Käpylä, Helsinki, 2020
Attention!, Pekka Halonen Academy of Arts (Tuusula, Finland), 2015
Ex Nihilo, Galleria Aleksis (Nurmijärvi, Finland), 2010
Annual Spring Exhibition of Nurmijärvi Art School, Kirjastogalleria (Nurmijärvi, Finland), 2006–2010


SETA, Member of the gender diversity committee, 2021
Grafia ry, Junior member, 2021–
STTK, Representative of ERTO in the Uusimaa regional committee, 2021–2022
Digimama ry (ERTO), 2019–